The opinion of the respondents is equally divided between Bitcoin and the big banks


The results of the survey are in: there is almost an equal division on the issue of trust in Bitcoin Champion or the big banks. There has also been an incredible change in attitude over the last three years on the subject.

Who trusts Bitcoin?

The Tokenist surveyed 4,852 people in 17 countries about their attitude toward Bitcoin. He also compared his results with responses from previous similar surveys. This allowed him to observe how these attitudes changed over time.

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If you had to choose, which of the following is more trustworthy?

If you had to choose, which of the following is more reliable? Source: The Tokenist.

The winds of change

Not only is there a very similar division, but when it comes to millennials, they also tend to put more trust in Bitcoin. What is even more interesting is how this has changed since 2017. At that time, only 18% chose Bitcoin as opposed to 82% who chose the big banks. Even in the millennial group, the division was very unfavorable: 27/73.

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2017 Results Versus 2020 Results

It’s important to note that it was expected that the Tokenist respondents would be inclined towards Bitcoin. However, it was the same for the base surveys.

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It may be fair to speculate that this change in the spirit of the times will translate into growth within the cryptomontage industry.