Biden dovrebbe integrare Bitcoin nel sistema finanziario statunitense, dice Niall Ferguson

Lo storico dell’economia ha detto che l’amministrazione del Presidente eletto Biden dovrebbe considerare la Bitcoin come un’alternativa al „dollaro digitale cinese“. Lo storico economico e finanziario britannico Niall Ferguson ha detto che gli Stati Uniti devono trovare la propria strada nell’adozione delle crittocorse, piuttosto che „costruire [le proprie] versioni dei sistemi di pagamento elettronico della

Who controls Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is, in essence, decentralized. This means that there is no central control body within the network. Bitcoin is therefore not controlled by any entity, person or group of people. It is controlled by all members of the network: users, minors, developers. Bitcoin: a decentralized autonomous organization The governance of Bitcoin is therefore headless. It

Inattentive investors buy the wrong Bitcoin

Studying before purchasing any asset is essential to avoid problems. Some inattentive investors bought Bitcoin from a broker the wrong way. By paying $ 22,000 for each currency, traders bought Bitcoin at a market value that has never been reached before. Bitcoin’s price today drops 2% in the last 24 hours, quoted above $ 18,000.

Die Anzahl der BTC-Geldbörsen scheint auf ein zunehmendes Interesse von Privatanlegern hinzudeuten

Glassnode-Daten zeigen, dass die Anzahl der BTC-Adressen für 10, 100 und 1000 US-Dollar ein Allzeithoch erreicht hat. -Die Anzahl der Millionärs-Bitcoin-Adressen hat zum ersten Mal seit 2018 20.000 überschritten Neue Daten von der Analyseplattform Glassnode scheinen darauf hinzudeuten, dass eine Rekordzahl von Privatanlegern Geld in Ethereum Code gesteckt hat, was die Anzahl der BTC-Geldbörsen auf

Ultra (UOS) platform integrates Theta Network for live streaming

The Ultra (UOS) video game distribution platform collaborates with Theta Network, a video streaming platform. Both blockchain-based, Ultra and Theta Network’s technologies will interact with each other in many ways. The close collaboration of Ultra and Theta According to Ultra’s press release , the Theta network and its contents will be an integral part of